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BASCD response to the North East England Water Fluoridation Consultation

BASCD have developed a response to the North East England Water Fluoridation Consultation.

This response highlights the prevalence of dental decay and the socio-economic gradient which means those living in the most deprived areas suffer from highest levels of tooth decay.

The response follows the 2023 BASCD position paper on water fluoridation and recognises that a single intervention such as water fluoridation cannot address the whole issue. BASCD has recommended that policy makers consider a universal proportionate approach to oral health improvement that includes, but is not limited to, water fluoridation.  The response also highlights advantages of water fluoridation which does not require dental attendance or behavioural changes.

BASCD has also emphasised that when planning oral health improvement programmes, it is important for policy makers and commissioners to seek specialist advice and support from dental public health teams.

NE England WF Expansion Consultation BASCD Response FINAL 2024