Today we launch our “Position statement on recommended actions to reduce the consumption of free sugars and improve oral health” (2022 edition) to coincide with the first day of Sugar Awareness Week which BASCD is proud to support.

The 2022 position statement has been informed by a qualitative evaluation of the 2016 edition and updated to reflect current evidence.  The statement provides BASCD guidance to advocate for awareness and improvement of health in respect to sugar.

The statement reflects BASCD’s continued commitment to supporting a broad range of actions that have been proposed by expert bodies, including:

  • Lowering the amount of free sugars in foods and drinks
  • Restricting the marketing and promotion of sugar-containing products
  • Reducing the amount of sugar – containing food and drinks sold
  • Advising, educating, and helping people to consume less sugar
  • Reducing the amount of sugar produced


The position statement can be found at this link.