Local Authorities improving oral health: commissioning better oral health for children and young. Public Health England, 2014

This document supports local authorities (LAs) to commission oral health improvement programmes for children and young people aged up to 19 years. It enables LAs to review and evaluate existing oral health improvement programmes and consider future commissioning intentions and provides an evidence-informed approach with examples of good practice.
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Children’s Oral Health Improvement Programme Board. Public Health England, 2016.

The Board was officially launched on the 26th September 2016 with a communications event and a news launch on which introduced the COHIPB Action plan infographic which details the 5 high level objectives of the board; how they will be delivered and what success looks like.
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A rapid review of evidence on the cost-effectiveness of interventions to improve the oral health of children aged 0-5 years. Public Health England, 2016.

A rapid review of the evidence of cost effectiveness of interventions to improve the oral health of 0-5-year olds. This document provides updated economic evidence on oral health prevention measures since the review published by NICE in 2014. It includes supervised tooth brushing, fluoride varnish, water fluoridation, provision of toothbrushes and paste, and interventions provided in home visits by health workers. This document is supplemented with an infographic which summarises the return on investment of the 5 interventions using modelling data. The infographic document can be directly accessed via the second link below.

Improving oral health: a toolkit to support commissioning of supervised tooth-brushing programmes in early years and school settings. Public Health England, 2016.

This resource aims to support commissioners and providers of supervised tooth brushing programmes in schools and early years settings in England, to gain assurance that they are commissioning and delivering high quality programmes
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Local Health and Care Planning: Menu of preventative interventions. Public Health England, 2016

This document outlines public health interventions that can improve the health of the population and reduce health and care service demand. It includes oral health interventions In Section 12: Maternity and early years.
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Taking Oral Health Improvement and Dental Services Forward in Wales. The Welsh Government, 2017
This document is intended as a framework outlining priorities for dentistry, including oral health improvement, in Wales.
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Child Oral Health – applying All Our Health. Public Health England, 2017.
Evidence and guidance to help healthcare professionals improve child oral health.

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Health Matters: child dental health. Public Health England, 2017

This resource outlines how health professionals can help prevent tooth decay in children under 5 as part of ensuring every child has the best start in life.

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The First 1000 days. Public Health Wales, 2018

Cymru Well Wales’s First 1000 days collaboration focuses on ensuring that all activity being delivered to improve health in early life is harnessed in a coherent system, with everybody working in partnership to intervene earlier.

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Commissioning Infant Feeding Services; a toolkit for local authorities. Public Health England. 2016

This document provides information to health professionals when commissioning of local infant feeding services.

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Integrating Brief Intervention in Smoking Cessation into Dental Practice. Public Health Wales. 2014

This document provides information to health care professionals and the dental team about incorporating smoking cessation into their routine practice.

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Childsmile. NHS Scotland

This webpage provides details of Scotland’s national programme designed to improve the oral health of children and reduce inequalities both in dental health and access to dental services.

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The Dental Public Health Intelligence Programme. Public Health England

This programme supports the collection, analysis and dissemination of reliable and robust information on the oral health needs of local populations. Visit this link for more information.

Dental epidemiology toolkit
This information can be supplemented with the document ‘Commissioning High Quality Information to Support Oral Health Improvement; A toolkit about dental epidemiology for local authorities, commissioners and partners.’ Public Health England, 2016.

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Designed to Smile. The Welsh Government. 2018

This webpage provides information for a wide range of professionals, including health visitors and other early years services about the national oral health improvement programme for children in Wales

1000 Lives. Mouth Care Resources. NHS Wales, 2017

This webpage provides information and resources to health care professional from outside of the dental team.

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