BASCD works with a range of partners, to further our aim of improving the public’s oral health.

BASCD is a member or supporter of:


Sustain is an alliance organisation aimed at better food and farming. It advocates food and agriculture policies and practices that enhance the health and welfare of people and animals, to improve the working and living environment, and to enrich society and culture and promote equity.

National Oral Health Promotion Group

The (NOHPG) is a forum for all professionals interested in the promotion of oral health and was established 1981. The aim of the Group is to provide support and encourage the continual professional development of those working in the field of oral health education and promotion.

International Centre for Oral Health Research and Policy

The International Centre for Oral Health Inequalities Research and Policy (ICOHIRP) was formed in 2013, it is committed to tackling oral health inequalities both within and between countries, academics and policymakers from 15 countries have formed a global network to explore the nature of oral health inequalities and to inform policy recommendations.