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BASCD Childhood Obesity Plan

We still need to tackle the use of children’s TV, film and cartoon characters for junk food marketing

The Children’s Food Campaign has released its response to Chapter 2 of the Government’s Childhood Obesity Plan.

The response outlines support for the Government’s ambition to halve child obesity by 2030 and to tackle the health inequalities that mean that children from poorer backgrounds are twice as likely to suffer from poor health.

Barbara Crowther, the Children’s Food Campaign Coordinator commented:

A commitment to consider is not a commitment to act and children’s health needs decisive actiton

Concerns were raised in relation to lack of action in in relation to celebrity endorsements and use of chil­dren’s TV, film and cartoon characters for junk food marketing aimed at children.

Dr Derek Richards, President for the British Society for the Study of Community Dentistry (BASCD) said

We fully support the Government’s commitment to tackle childhood obesity. Children’s cartoons and characters are commonly used to promote sugary foods that contribute to obesity and tooth decay and we agree that more steps need to be taken to address junk food marketing towards children.