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Navigating communication opportunities and threats



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Thursday 21st November 2019, Cavendish Conference Centre, London

The Autumn BASCD conference continues the 2019 theme of communication. In this one day meeting we will be looking at how we can navigate particular communication areas which we might consider to be challenging. Our three invited speakers will help us to understand the perspectives of those who we might feel present our most threatening communication challenges, consider how these may actually be opportunities, and give us insight into how to be proactive about seizing them.

he first of these challenges is working with the media and how to get the best from interactions with journalists in our roles as advocates for oral health. I don’t know about how everyone else feels but there is a certain amount of trepidation when I think about speaking to journalists and Mark Brealey, who runs a specialist media training company, will be there to help us understand what journalists are looking for.

The second area is the ever-changing world of threats associated with electronic communications through our mobile gadgets. We will be guided by a talented young professional hacker, Grant Douglas.

For our third challenge, we will draw upon the career long expertise of Dr Gill Davies, MBE. Gill will encourage us to consider what oral health status information we have available at our fingertips and how to use it to communicate with other professionals and the public about the oral health of our populations.

Aim: to arm attendees with knowledge and skills to help guide them through particularly challenging areas of communication to enhance our roles as advocates for oral health protection and improvement.

Learning outcomes:

· To understand how best to proactively engage with journalists and harness the power of the press

· To understand the potential threats associated with mobile communications and how to protect ourselves from them

· To be aware of opportunities and threats in conveying key messages about oral health status.


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We look forward to seeing for you there.

9am Registration, tea and coffee



Professor Gail Douglas, BASCD President



‘Making Headlines – how the media works AND how to use it in the fight to improve oral health’

Mr Mark Brealey – Mark Brealey Communications, Specialist media training company

11.30am Tea and coffee


‘Security in mobile Communication: Straight from the hacker’s mouth’

Mr Grant Douglas – Associate Principal Consultant and practice director for mobile security at Synopsys, Inc

12.40am Extraordinary General Meeting




Lunch and posters


Presentation of Keith Woods Essay and BASCD Borrow prizes
2.25pm Dr Gill Davies  – Title to be confirmed
3.10pm BASCD Members presentations:
3.50pm Tea and Coffee
4pm Consultants & Specialists Group Business Meeting
5pm Close