The Oral Health Promotion poster prize promotes collaboration between academics and oral health promoters and encourage the dissemination of good oral health promotion practise and evaluation among the BASCD membership.  This prize is awarded at our Spring Conference; the award is £200 and a certificate.

It aims to:

  • encourage good practice in the development, implementation and evaluation of oral health promotion activities
  • facilitate collaborative working between oral health promoters, Dental Public Health and academics in oral health promotion research
  • disseminate across the BASCD membership and more widely, examples of good practice in oral health promotion planning and evaluation

The assessment criteria for this award relate to:


  • Focus of work directly relevant to dental public health, oral health inequalities and oral health improvement
  • Covers topic relevant to the conference theme
  • Evidence based approach used
  • Emphasis placed on public health agenda e.g. population health, inequalities, service development etc


  • Clear aims and objectives
  • Methodology described in sufficient detail and appropriate to address research question
  • Results presented in appropriate fashion and depth
  • Conclusion and implications highlighted


  • Well structured, clear and concise summary of project presented
  • Appropriate use of language and supporting references
  • Tables and figures used as necessary
  • Interesting and appealing appearance